Our technicians are always available to answer basic questions such as what should be the correct use of a fire extinguisher before, or what type of extinguisher is suitable for every kind of fire.

However, it is recommended that companies and groups may provide its staff with adequate training in fire protection. Acting correctly in panic situations is the best weapon to emerge victorious from it.

At INCOTEX we offer the possibility to share our knowledge with companies or groups at request. Our experience in the sector where we work since 1981 allows us to know perfectly the situations in which one may face in case of fire.

Our staff are qualified and have specific training in fire systems. This type of training, we teach from INCOTEX, are particularly suitable for large enterprises, for groups (associations, public or private institutions, ...) or companies that by their nature work with sensitive material.

We also offer training in specific regulations: hotel establishments, owners, restaurants, where we have the educational support of our engineer, specialized in the sector fire.

For more information and inquiries please contact us.