Who we are?

The company’s registered office is at Malaga and it’s authorised by La Junta de Andalusia. It’s dedicated to fire detection and extinguishing, monoxide detection, installation, supervision and maintenance of fire protection system, fire extinguisher, hoses, alarms, sensors, fireproofing… We work at Malaga, Almeria, Cordoba, Cadiz and Granada.

La Junta de Andalusia has validated our works with the following certificates:

  • Company authorised to maintenance with n 29/79
  • Company authorised to installation with n 29/140

In addition, Bureau VERITAS has endorsed our quality standard.

  • Company authorised with the quality standard ISO 9001, certificate number ES 044345-1


Incotex has a team of technicians and specialists in extinction and maintenance of equipments always available for the customer.



INCOTEX starts in 1980.

The company worked at the installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment until December 2005, when the company is broken up but it continues at the sector.

After the experience and the acquired knowledge for more than 30 years, Francisco Fernández carries on with the same work and commercial activity: fire extinguishers and protection fire equipment. He goes on with his work activity but, right now, under the commercial mark: INCOTEX.

Nowadays, INCOTEX is a leader company in Andalusia, it has a big professional’s team which formation and experience is unique. We can take care of the biggest and more important Andalusia’s client portfolio, companies, professionals and individuals clients that, since 1980 have trust in our quality and service.