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  • Extintores Malaga

    A good fire protection sign is indispensable to introduce a fire extinguishing system, if we search the sign we should find it fast: our installations (even our lives) can be depend on that

    The current legislation of the signs is:

    • UNE 81501-81 “Safety signs at places of work”

    • UNE 23033-81 “Fire protection security. Sign”

    • UNE 23034-88, “Fire protection security. Security signs. Evacuation route”

    • Decree 485/1997, 14 Avril, “Security sign and health at work”

    • Decree 486/1997, 14 Avril “Health at work”

    The sign must be Photoluminescent according to the legislation NBE-CPI-96, must be like the specifications according to UNE 23035-1 (Part 1, III and IV)

    Our standard signs are made in transparent PVC (fireproofing M1) and they are printed at the obverse. It protect the sign, it cannot scratch or erase, or get dirty during the installation and it’s washable. The designs are own, they are unique.