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  • Extintores Malaga

    According to the current legislation (B.O.E no 298 14-12-93), inspection annual (Board II), the inspection is based on:

    • Checking Charge level (weight and pressure)
    • Checking Powder agent extinguishing condition
    • Checking Agent extinguishing pressure
    • Checking Hose, nozzle, valves or mechanic parts conditions
    • Transport to our garage and return
    • Placement of seal guarantee
    • Registration in the Official Book of register
    • Third Party liability Policy 823.334,89 €

  • Extintores Malaga

    Hydrostatic testing is the method used to pressure test an extinguisher's critical components.

    To ensure that your extinguisher will operate effectively and safely, you are required to have them hydrostatically tested, every five years. The inspection’s date should be securely fixed to each extinguisher.

    INCOTEX S.L., will be facilitated the Fire extinguisher certification, if the dire extinguisher has passed the test