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  • Extinción incendios

    Fire hydrant inspection

    Fire protection hose according to the current legislation (B.O.E no 298 14-12-93), inspection annual (Board II), the inspection is based on:

    • Dismantling the hose

    • Check the nozzle correct functioning and closing system.

    • Check the pipe fitting tightness, hose and joint conditions

    • Check the manometer with another connect to the hose pipe fitting.

    Hose Hydrostatic test:

    It’s the hose pressure test, test must be rated at least at the same pressure as the maximum pressure to be applied.

    To ensure that your hose will operate effectively and safely, you are required to have them hydrostatically tested, every five years. The inspection’s date should be securely fixed to each hose.

    INCOTEX S.L., will be give you the Fire extinguisher certification, if the dire extinguisher has passed the test.